Filming services: 5 important aspects when choosing a team

Filming services: 5 important aspects

Filming services: 5 important aspects when choosing a team


After entering the keywords “filming services" - you will find a number of offers: from freelance videographers to film studios. It is not easy to choose in whose hands to entrust the desired video project, so we have compiled five essential aspects, what is important to know and what to ask when looking for a video production team. Perhaps this will become a starting point in the sticky path of decisions.


One of the first and almost most important tasks is to find out what experience the video production house has. Often, videographers or their teams focus on a certain niche: maybe their filming services are more focused on commercials, maybe on event filming, maybe on TV show production or music video production. Of course, there are also those masters who are fully focused on the film industry and with every project, no matter how small, they seek recognition in the Hollywood sky.

To put it more simply, imagine that you want to order a pizza. But not just any, but real, Neapolitan, baked in the oven, with salami and mozzarella cheese. Now that you know what you want, take your mind to a Chinese restaurant that hears your order and agrees to make it. Will you believe that you will get what you really want if your traditional Italian pizza is cooked by a chef who specializes in an oriental menu? Probably not.

The same rule applies to video production companies, because according to your needs, you need to find a team that can professionally meet your expectations by offering such services, which are really needed.

It is also worth considering what additional tasks the selected video production masters will have to perform: after all, the final product will not be born just by pressing the REC button on the camera. The idea revolving in the visions must be scripted, staged on the set, professionally shot, carefully edited, processed and polished so that it can travel to the screens, reaching the target audience. So when communicating with the chosen one video masters team, ask questions about the work they've done and how they think they can best fulfill your vision - then you'll know they can produce the video you want in the format you want.

Filming services: 5 important aspects

Filming services: 5 important aspects


Now that we have already mentioned the work done, let's talk about the portfolio. People who work with video materials every day will undoubtedly present themselves with the most perfect frames. Social networks are one of the main channels where it is convenient to see what projects have been implemented by the team you are interested in. When looking at the overall portfolio, it is worth paying attention to the visual appearance of the videos, the quality, the lighting, the skills of the people working behind the scenes. However, not all work has the ability to be shared publicly, so by reaching out personally and expressing your creative thoughts, you can receive specific examples with ideas on how to adapt them to your unique needs.


Without specific knowledge of cinematography, it is quite difficult to assess professionalism, but this quality is not only based on the visual result. If you are looking for a team whose main life engine is filming services, then you are already planning to invest your time, money and energy. Headaches and extra worries on the shoulders are not included in the cost, so choose people who will be easy to work with, who will not ask you what to do if the microphones stop working and the sound does not record during the filming. Yes, the film set is full of action and here, like anywhere else, force majeure sometimes happens, but professional videographers will find a solution to any emergency situation that arises without leaving their clients disadvantaged.


Talking about money out loud in our society is still somewhat uncomfortable, but every project to be realized has its own budget, which frames limitless desires and fantasies. A good quality result requires input: from equipment to the work of specialists who know their field, however video production house, with filming services as their core business, often work and adapt to different budgets, finding that middle ground that satisfies both the client and their own dedicated team. Therefore, you should always talk about the rates, because perhaps what seems unfeasible and untenable to you, will spark a creative idea for professionals on how to achieve the same or even better results with lower costs.


Every day, our eyes reach many videos, advertisements, clips that are published on social networks and are flooded with clicks of the "like" button. But then what's next? Awareness and dissemination do not guarantee that the reached audience will take the actions that are expected of them, and not every videographer holding a camera during filming will answer this question, what to do so that the visual product that was born will bring results. Of course, this work should be left to marketing specialists, but by contacting a video production house, where craftsmen with many years of experience work, you can get a gold price. consultations, if not directly providing a strategic solution, then at least being directed to a place where these concerns will become easily solvable.

So, when looking for a team for which videography services are not rocket science, first make sure that they work in the right niche for you. Review the results of the work done, feel the style and assess whether the vision you have will be born into the desired result. Communicate with video masters, express your expectations, your available budget, because only together can you find a professional, mutually beneficial solution. Well, and of course, rely on those people who know what shots to grab the attention of your target audience.