Creating video animations and 6 advantages of animated video

Creating video animations

Creating video animations and 6 advantages of animated video

Video content is the telling of a story through visuals and audio. Whether it's a promotional, informative or educational content story, the goal is to share a message that motivates and persuades your target audience to take action. But a story is only as good as its execution. If you have a great story, but you present it poorly, difficult, incomprehensible, it is unlikely that viewers will take the desired actions after watching the video. So it can be useful here animated videos, fulfilling the main message being sent in a way that camera-shot and edited footage alone would not.

Advantages of animated videos:

  • You will implement the most unrealistic ideas

Animation allows you to tip the scales in your favor and break the laws of nature. Creating video animations opens up the widest possibilities to do what you want, without restraining your wild imagination. With this type of video, it is easy to implement any idea, no matter if it is unfeasible in the real world. Imagine you want to make a video, starting with a close-up of a person, then zooming out, seeing a crowd of people, then going up into the stratosphere and showing a really big view from above, zooming out as far as our galaxy goes. In real life it's practically impossible, or it would require crazy costs, but here's animation - the magic happens without leaving your chair.

  • You will visualize abstract ideas

Sometimes the viewer can interpret the message sent in the video format in their own way, without understanding it or misunderstanding it, especially when dealing with complex topics, such as video lessons for students and teachers. The creation of video animations solves this problem by visually conveying what you want to say: from large-scale, like the routes of airplanes traveling around the world, to the smallest diagrams of the structure of atoms, or even abstract, intangible things like Bitcoin.

  • You will easily manage the production of animated video

If you've ever been on a film set, you probably know that it's a complicated and sometimes tiring process that requires a lot of homework, such as location, actors, props, scenery, make-up, equipment, and if you're filming outdoors, you also have to constantly monitor the weather forecast. , sometimes at the last minute all plans change fundamentally. When creating an animated video, such actions no longer hinder the production process, because with the click of a few buttons, you can change the background, characters or move them to another desired location.

6 advantages of animated video

Now that we've discussed the benefits of animated videos, let's talk about why this type of video is better than other ways to send messages to your target audience: text, infographics, or live video.

Animated video BEFORE the text


The first and foremost reason for using animated videos is that they are rich media. This visual tool attracts attention and conveys the message in an effective way. According to research, visual elements more easily leave a lasting impression on the audience: 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is in visual format, and the brain processes images 60 thousand times faster than text.


One of the first and perhaps even the most pleasant memories from childhood are cartoons. They are attractive because they are interesting, engaging, and most importantly, colorful. This is what fascinates the human brain in a moving image, and information presented in this format is simply more fun for viewers to watch.


The challenge of today's advertising is how to stand out from the crowd, how to find a tool that helps you break through the "noise" of digital information. Animation allows you to look at this process through a creative prism, creating a unique visual product that may not be created by competitors.

Animated video BEFORE live video

Creating animations and 6 advantages of animated video

Creating video animations and 6 advantages of animated video


One of the biggest headaches faced by customers applying to video production house, this is the budget. The costs of a live video include not only the work of cameramen or editors, but also actors, their make-up, rental of scenery and location, equipment. Meanwhile, the creation of video animations, although it also requires a script and a voiceover, is limited to the work of the animator at the computer, which reduces the overall production costs.


With the development of any activity, there is a need to create more and more content. As this activity grows, so does the desire to make the content as attractive as possible. At the same time, over time, previously shared content becomes outdated and needs to be updated. If you shot a live-action video, in order to change something, you will have to re-shoot everything, but animated video has more flexibility, because it is easy to adjust the text, edit the animations themselves or even re-edit the entire video without additional filming work.

Animated videos BEFORE static infographics


An infographic is a graphic representation of information, data, or knowledge designed to present information quickly and clearly. Many content creators use static infographics as a way to visualize data, turning dry statistics into an eye-pleasing image. But where there is a lot of text and a lot of information, it becomes difficult to grasp what is important and what to pay attention to. The creation of video animations can help here, presenting infographics as a "tour" of the content, controlling the viewing pace of the viewer and supplementing the images with graphic elements, music, and effects.


Creating video animations is a dynamic and versatile medium that can take your story and message to your audience to a new level. It's an engaging and fun alternative to text content that isn't constrained by the technical hurdles associated with live-action filming, and when used properly, animated video can make a big impact on the viewer, staying in their memory for a long time.