Filming of events: which events are worth recording in video format?

Filming of events

Filming of events: which events are worth recording in video format?

Event filming is a way to capture the moments of the event in a professionally edited short film. And it doesn't matter, whether it's a cozy internal celebration for the company's team, a public conference that attracts huge crowds or a lively three-day music festival - every event deserves to continue its life not only in memory, but also in moving shots that revive memories. Filmed footage can thus become an advertising tool, social media content or an eye-catching detail on a website. After all, when planning an event, the services of a photographer seem to be a self-evident point, so why can't they also appear nearby contacts of videographers?

Which events are worth filming?

  • Openings and presentations

If you are planning an event for the opening of a company, a new branch, a salon, a restaurant, a bar, another place of business or the presentation of a new product/service, the video material of the celebration will be an ideal promotional tool that will be written in the history of your activity, which will be easy to share within the company, with partners and customers. Professional camera masters will capture details that reflect your brand, which will highlight the message we are sending to the target audience, and the most important minutes of the event can even be turned into a live broadcast, so that the largest part of the audience can participate in the important event without missing a single minute.

  • Company birthdays and awards

Company birthdays, internal awards held on the occasion of the end or beginning of the year are a huge celebration for the entire team, so the filming of such events will capture the moments of the important evening. With a well-edited video, nominees and award winners will be able to proudly share it with their loved ones, and those guests of the event who could not attend, at least with the help of the video tape, will know what a fun party they really had and will be the first to confirm their participation next year.

  • Charity events

It is said that good deeds should be done quietly, but today's current events teach differently, that good deeds should be spoken loudly, thus setting an example to others. The news about a social action can spread all over the world, so an event like this must be recorded on video, not only to gather like-minded people who will contribute to the organized charity, but also so that future generations will talk about such events with pride, maybe even continuing the beautiful started. traditions.

  • Open door days

Open days give students and future employees the opportunity to open the company's doors and hear firsthand what professional life is like there. Filming such an event is an additional opportunity to participate for those who could not come that day or live at a greater distance. Open days can be filmed by hosting a live broadcast and interacting with the audience both live and remotely, by filming in 360° to create a three-dimensional video, or by using GoPro cameras and allowing the viewer of the video to experience a walk behind the scenes of the company as if with their own eyes.

Filming of events

Filming of events

  • Training and teambuilding

Filming training and team building events gives you the opportunity to share educational content and explainer videos internally within your team or externally with potential clients. Whether it's a presentation to educate your team or a product demonstration to help potential customers better understand your services, such video adds value and benefits longer than just a live event.

  • Conferences and seminars

A professional video recording of a conference or seminar allows you to share the topics discussed during the event with those who could not attend live. It is also a great video material for advertisements and announcements to future guests, customers, and attracting a new audience. Such recordings can be supplemented with exclusive interviews with speakers, and the most important moments can be compressed into short and easy-to-understand clips with a video montage.

  • Festivals, concerts and other entertainment events

Filming entertainment events is a great way to promote your event online or on social media, thus attracting the attention of your audience. Videographers can create a promotional video that will help sell tickets to future events, share positive festival-goer experiences with new audiences, and highlight popular artists at your event.

So why should you think about filming the event?

By filming the event, you will receive high-quality material, presenting the holiday experience through an eye-catching cinematic prism. The available video can be trimmed, edited, adapted to different sharing platforms and channels, thus reaching different audiences. Also, you will always use the recorded footage in the future, when creating advertisements or spreading the word about your business. Broadcasting an event live will allow you to reach those people who couldn't attend the event in real time, and the rest of the recordings will be available to even the busiest people at their personal convenience.

Event filming is a great way to capture the memories of a special event. Addressed to home of video masters, you will take a huge worry off your shoulders, because during the celebration you will have reliable people with professional equipment, who will make sure that important moments are not missed, and a completely fulfilled filming and editing service will give you a result that exceeds expectations in video format.