Advertising filming - why should you hire professional services?

Advertising filming, how the quality advertising filming process happens

Advertising filming, how does the quality advertising filming process happen?


Talented actor Roland Kazl's series of comedy shows once taught us to hate commercials. After all, they are boring and uninteresting, banal and repetitive, irrelevant and interrupt what you really want to watch. Unfortunately, there is no business without marketing, no marketing without advertising. So what if we say that advertising can become a work of art? It's not for nothing that the "Cannes Lions" hand out awards to attention-grabbing, original, exclusive and unique advertisements every year?

Advertising filming

Advertising filming

Marketing research has proven that an image is one of the best tools for broadcasting a message to a target audience, arousing interest, inviting them to try and purchase an advertised product, product or service. In the era of social media, you won't attract customers with just beautiful photos, so brands, both small and giant, are sharing their advertising in video format on all platforms, from YouTube to Tik Tok.

The role of professional videographers can vary with each project depending on the need. Some need a restrained, aesthetic advertisement that neatly presents their services or products, others will take the bold step of creating something that will go viral, getting stuck in people's heads with memorable soundtracks, songs or dances. Advertising is not the same as advertising, but the goal always remains the same - to spread the word about yourself, establish a relationship with the target audience, and influence potential future customers.

What is a good video ad?

The standard video advertising formula is quite simple: 30 seconds long, 15 seconds of content. The first ten seconds present the product or service, the rest show how to use it. Therefore, that half-minute video fits all the most important reasons that answer the question of why it is worth buying the advertised product, why it is worth trying the advertised service.

In contrast to the television network, the time of advertisements on the Internet or social network channels is not strictly limited, but the golden rule applies everywhere - the viewer's attention must be captured within the first three seconds, especially when the issue of attention span is being talked about loudly in society these days. Platforms like YouTube even allow video ads to skip after five seconds, meaning the rest of the video remains unseen. How to solve that? The beginning of an ad should be a hook: a question or problem is raised, an intriguing story begins to be told, or a statement is made that is bold and surprising to the viewer.

The total length of a video ad may vary depending on the platform, product/service or target audience. A detailed presentation often lasts up to 2 minutes or even longer, but a short-form video advertisement will stick in the viewer's memory more easily and become more effective.

One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional advertising is relevance. Viewers don't like having their evening in front of the TV interrupted by commercials for household products that they don't care about at all. So nowadays, such a term as "storytelling" has already entered business marketing. It also applies to video ads, creating a narrative through a short film with a clear opening, main message and closing scene.

How is the commercial filming and production going?

As with any creative project, commercial filming takes its first step towards the start of thought and idea generation. Sometimes the advertising client already knows what exactly he wants, sometimes video production masters can help him find out. This is how a script is born on paper, according to which the filming site is prepared, locations, actors, props are selected, the team is called, from make-up to technicians. When all this is illuminated by the lights of the spotlights and the director organizes the action plan - the cameras are turned on, the most beautiful shots are recorded on the digital tape. Then the behind-the-scenes text is written, it is voiced and the invisible, but one of the most important jobs in the entire production stage - editing begins. It is in this laboratory, which combines separate images into a single storyline, that the most anticipated result is born, which is refined, polished, polished, tied with a red ribbon and sent to TV, computer or phone screens.

You can take this long and responsible path of advertising filming yourself: create, implement, film, assemble. It's a crazy fun and interesting process, but good video advertising needs a good idea, good technique and good specialists who have mastered that technique. You need people who live day by day in the world of images, who know colors, lights, shots, who will take care of your advertising from A to Z, from the initial idea written on paper to the final product visible in the sequence of shots.

Advertising filming "differently" or advertising as a film

Living in a fast-paced society that is always in a hurry, advertisements have also turned into short videos, sometimes lasting only 5 seconds, during which the viewer can at least remember the name of the advertised brand before pressing the skip button. However, not all big businesses follow this principle. There are those who turn an advertising campaign into a movie. It is a bold decision, as it rebels against the rule that the viewer will not hold attention, but sticks in the memory with its uniqueness and uniqueness.

In 2022, Apple released a commercial in China, a 23-minute film shot on the iPhone 13 Pro phone. This is the fifth such film they have produced for that country's market, showcasing Chinese culture and traditions. But the most interesting thing is that no product is directly presented in the films. In 23 minutes, there is not a word about the capabilities of the phone's camera, instead, Apple gives the audience a sharp image and the idea that when you pick up the latest phone, you will be able to shoot a movie with it.

Another eye-catching aspect is the very idea of the film, which emphasizes sincerity and attention to the audience, establishing a closer connection with it. When it comes to emotion, most advertising aims to reflect the brand identity. Some associate themselves with joy and happiness, others raise a shocking problem and present a solution to it. In this case, Apple did it differently - they didn't create a feeling related to a specific product, they created a feeling related to the audience, allowing viewers to forget they were watching an ad and get their full attention. Such films have become a tradition that audiences remember and look forward to every year. This is where the true power of "storytelling" is revealed, how commercial filming can climb out of traditional frames and turn into a work of art that you will want to watch to the end.